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Please find more details on Tickets in the Technical Guide!

All tickets listed above, except for Practice Sessions, will be scanned at the Welcome Centre and exchange for bracelets or badges to be able to enter the event site. Tickets can only be ordered online.

Team Spaces for UEC registered teams:
6 x 3 m for each team, at the cost of € 150,00 per team space. This includes 1x free event entry ticket per team tent space paid for (UEC).

Team Spaces for other teams (non-UEC registered teams):
6 x 3 m for each team, at the cost of € 200,00. These teams receive 1 free event ticket per team tent (6x3m)

Championships riders who come to the event with a personal BMX coach are offered the possibility to buy a Coach pass from the organizer. This allows you access to the team manager meeting and coach area. After ordering here online, it can be picked-up at the Welcome Centre.

The track will not open for (non-event) practice during the event week.

The BMX track can be booked for private team practice up until Sunday May 22, 2022.
To book time on the track, check availability and prices please contact: or phone +31 6 5588 6003.

There are four Practice Sessions planned; Make sure you get your personal ticket for a specific Practice Session to get access to the track; Maximum of 100 riders per block, € 15,- per rider/block.

Tickets will no longer be taken and cannot be exchanged for cash. Only in case of special cancellation (see below).
If you decide not to use the tickets you can sell them to others.
There is a fee charged by the organizer for refunding in case of special cancellation (€ 5,- per ticket)

SPECIAL CANCELLATION (Covid or other governmental measure)
In case of cancellation of the event the organizer will, in consultation with the UEC, look for another date; tickets remain valid.
In case of cancellation and no replacement date the amount of the tickets will be refunded (minus administration costs).
Request for refund of special cancellation must be made in writing to the organiser.

At 3km distance, 10min cycling from KWC you can stay overnight with a camper during the weekend at “Hylkema Funderingstechniek”. The site is paved and there is a mobile toilet. There is no electricity. Make sure you bring your bike so you can easily reach the event site; another advantage is that it is ideal to visit the beautiful city of Kampen by bike.
Please find the location and directions here.
Arrival from June 3, 9:00 a.m.; departure no later than June 6, 10:00 a.m.