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Wat doen wij?

The main board does a number of things for the athletes in general and in particular for KWC members. The KWC has two of its own tracks: A cycling track and a bicycle cross track. Also, we have our own clubhouse. The board maintains the accommodation and supports the departments in organizing competitions at regional, national and international levels.

Kwc's basic idea is to keep the sport of cycling accessible to its members, as evidenced by the low membership fees for our club. This can only be achieved by voluntary work in and around the accommodation and/ or when organizing races.

Therefore, by organizing more on Friday nights, we hope to create even more of a club feeling among our members.

The main board

  • Chairman: Vacant
  • Secretaris: Angela van Dijk
  • Treasurer: Alieke Nieuwenhuize
  • Representative of the cycling board: Johan Dorgelo
  • Algemeen lid: Henk Jan Bakker

Verhuur accomodatie en materieel

The property also rents out a jury car and sound system. If you would like more information or would like to discuss any of these please contact: Inge van Dijk, phone: 038-3333232 or mobile: +31 629008373

For rental of the track: please contact